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Natural and Organic

Should I choose conventional
or natural and organic skincare for my children?

Children today are exposed to a wide range of different substances and products, the long-term effects of which are not yet fully known. A baby’s skin may even be five times thinner than an adult’s skin, therefore our children are more vulnerable to potential problems caused by the questionable ingredients contained in a number of conventional skincare products.


On the other hand a picture of a flower or a plant in the tube, marketing terms natural or even organic does not quarantee the product is safe and good for your child . Or without harmful substances. Not even a high % of natural and organic ingredients means the product is as safe as possbile. Essential is to understand what NOT to include.

Do one need to become a private eye to learn what is good for our babies?
Might be interesting, but also too time consuming.

Sophie la girafe Baby has done that for you - our products pass the strict Ecocert-standard criteria.




Sophie la girafe Baby range DOES NOT CONTAIN any of the following:

GMO (Genetically modified organisms), nano-particles, synthetic perfumes or dyes, phthalates, parabens, chlorine, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), MIT, triclosan, propylene glycol, benzobarbital, phenoxyethenol.

We do not use any animal components, including so called cruelty-free, such as lanolin, beeswax etc. either.
The whole Sophie la girafe Baby -range is 100% vegan.

Our products include minimum 99,4% natural ingredients -the rest consists of Ecocert approved synthetic subtances.