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This is what makes the difference

Thank you for all lovely testimonials, we feel so fortunated to hear it from you!

“So happy to receive my products for our little boy to come! All is ready in his suitcase to go to hospital, and mummy is testing the face cream. It smells so, so good. I don’t like (other brand) products that everybody buys. Here, it is not more expensive, it’s natural, organic and it smells extremely good and only good advices. As I am a fan of Sophie la girafe I could not miss it, lol….
Ketty, Nantes France

“Just love the range - I think it´s totally opposite to other baby skincare ranges available: luxurious design, mild and sophisticated scent, really good ingredients, formulas penetrate fast and they feel really good. I will use this also for myself - the price is excellent compared to the skincare I normally use.”
Ebba, Sweden

“My daughter, 1,5-years old, is unable to use any other skincare range, whether conventional or natural / organic. She is fairly allergic to several foods, animals, you name it. I read good comments from my favorite blog. And then bought the Sophie la girafe Baby Sos Cream. Then rest of the range. All the products from the range suits well. No problems to use them. I could have not belive this! How great is this! ”
Maria, Finland

“I was feeling tired and bit lazy on one night. So I washed my face with my little girl´s Sophie la girafe Hair & Body Wash as that was there to reach. Now it´s the only cleanser I use for my face. It´s the best!”
Annica, Sweden

” Thanks, finally our son. let´s us to wash his hair several times a week!”
Paola, Helsinki Finland

” I received a Sophie la girafe Baby Hair & Body Wash sample. I don´t have children of my own, so I decided to try it myself. Just love the scent, sophisticated and mild at the same time. And my atopic skin feels really nice after showering, even without moisturizer, which have not been the case for a long time.”
Anna, Espoo Finland

” Our daughters just love Sophie, so I of course wanted to have the skincare to try for them, too. And we managed to get to the test group in Finland. I really didn´t know what to expect, except nice quality.  But I think it´s really good!  And the creams last for a long time. I now use the face cream for my baby girl 6 months every now and then, when the skin feels like needing some, and all the time to our older little princess, 5 years. Shes just loves to use Sophie´s skincare.”
Minna, Vaasa Finland

“The best quality-price -ratio available for babies. If the same quality with superior ingredients would be sold to adults, it´s would be much more expensive.”
Jeanette, Copenhagen, Denmark

“As a beauty professional I am happy to discover high quality baby range that understands that children also have different skin in the face and body. And Iif one wish to keep the baby skin as soft and well-being as a baby skin, one need to protect skin well in todays world. No couperosa for my kids, thanks! ”
Valentina, St. Petersburg, Russia

“I apply the Sophie la girafe Baby Face Cream to the very dry areas , and I get good results very quick. Only small amount of the cream is needed to have skin well moisturised. I have children aged 5 months and 2 years. I used the cream for both. 
Mother, Riga, Latvia

“My son scratched himself fairly badly while sleeping. His atopic skin for unconfortable as weather turned colder.
For the next night I applied Sophie la girafe Baby Sos Cream.
Only one application helped him so that the itchiness was gone and the skin healed better.”
Maria, Helsinki Finland