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Sophie la girafe Baby has gathered know-how amassed over thousands of years from around the world
to provide the very best in therapeutic agents for your baby’s skincare products. All ingredients are
chosen to be gentle and mild, and to aid baby´s own skin.

Organic White Tea


White Tea is a beneficial ingredient containing polyphenols that protect the skin from external irritations,
in particular, the degenerative effects of UV rays and pollution. White Tea helps to fortify a child’s skin and
to maintain its resiliency. Sophie la girafe Baby products use only whole Organic White Tea leaves,
thus maintaining their effectiveness and potency. 
No tea powders are welcome to Sophie´s skincare!

Did you know?
White Tea is frequently reserved for use in adult skincare products. At Sophie la girafe Cosmetics,
we believe that our children deserve at the very least to receive the same high quality skincare
provided to adults. As such, White Tea is contained in all Sophie la girafe Baby products.


Organic Lavender Water and Extract


Lavender not only has soothing and healing qualities, it is also a natural treasure trove of antiseptic
and anti-inflammatory properties. Lavender is used to treat a variety of skin conditions and injuries,
such as inflammation, cuts, sun-related damage and psoriasis.

Despite Lavender Essential Oil is one of the essential oils that is suitable and can be recommended to babies,
and there for used a lot in baby products, essential oils should not be used near babies and children eyes,
which to us means on the facial skin. And as many of us use cleanser, body cream, baby oils nearly everywhere, we decided to use a milder and safer form of this excellent ingredient. Just to be sure, as your baby´s well being is important to us.

We use Organic Lavender Water and Organic Lavender Extract, given its very effective
skin moisturizing and soothing action, and its very mild scent.

Lavender in gentle form is used in all Sophie la girafe Baby products.

Organic Nordic Blueberry Oil Extract


Research has shown that it is the natural light of long, bright northern nights, as well as freezing cold temperatures,
that trigger the production of many active ingredients found in Northern berries with proven benefits for nourishing skincare applications. The Nordic Blueberry Oil Extract that we use is one of the world’s most powerful natural antioxidants.
It also soothes baby’s sensitive, thin skin and fortifies it. 
Nordic Blueberry Oil Extract is used in Sophie la girafe Baby Face Cream and Sophie la girafe Baby OilExcellent also for you and your children.

Organic Luxurious Oils

We use a great deal of organic oils in our baby skincare, in particular, Sunflower Oil and Olive Oil, along with the particularly highly-valued Jojoba Oil and Apricot Kernel Oil. They provide very effective skin nourishment due to their fatty acid and vitamin content, as well as a very pleasurable texture. They are easy to apply and with a powerful healing action.
Jojoba Oil is contained in Sophie la girafe Baby Face Cream, Sophie la girafe Baby SOS Cream,
Sophie la girafe Baby Body Lotion and Sophie la girafe Baby Oil.

Organic Karanja Oil

Karanja Oil, dating back to India’s ancient system of Ayurvedic medicine, not only provides natural
protection against the sun’s UV rays, it also has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.
Sophie la girafe Baby Sos Cream contains Karanja Oil.

Organic Oat Milk

Sophie la girafe Baby Body Lotion and Sophie la girafe Baby Hair & Body Wash contain
antihistaminic oats. It also moisturizes, soothes and even helps to relieve allergic skin reactions and inflammations.
Oats contain saponins that can be used to gently cleanse even the most sensitive skin.