Sophie la girafe is the most beloved baby toy across the world. It activates baby´s all senses starting from 3 months, and also relieves the symptoms of teething. Sophie has brought joyful moments for more than 50 million babies across the world. And stood for safety and reliability for five decades.

Babies just love Sophie!

Unique story known well also by Sophie la Girafe Cosmetics Co-Founder Jonna Jalkanen, mom of two who works with ecological and safe baby products. She has history also as a beauty professional. Jonna has been working as Training Manager at Parfums Givenchy & Parfums Christian Dior and latest as beauty editor in charge in leading beauty magazines including Elle.

”I have been priviledged, and it´s being an honour to be able to have access into world´s leading skincare and cosmetic brands secrets. Meet the founders, interview their R&D-directors, chemist, dermatologists… To be able to feel and see the innovative textures and learn about the best active ingredients that support skin functions. To learn how to create perfection.

I have known for long what best of the best baby and children skincare products should include! And why all there is available is not too good for our children. Now I am able to increase awareness of safe products that support well-being of babies and kids, thanks to Sophie la girafe!

Sophie la Girafe Cosmetics was established with me & my husband Samuli. Our mission is to create and launch safe , excellent products for babies, kids and parents with great price-quality ratio. Our children deserve only the best!

Our products are all dermatologically tested, and recommended also for babies with sensitive skin. Formula safety is approved not only by our chemist and R&D -team, but also dermatologists and pediatrians. Sophie la Girafe Baby -products are well-tolerated among of you with sensitive skin and eczema, all ages.Jonna_J12cm_kork

All products are certified by French Ecocert. Sophie la Girafe Baby certified natural and organic skincare products DO NOT include harmful or questionable ingredients. Only aiding and supporting ones. We do not use scent allergens, either.

Natural and organic skincare can be regognized via certificate easily.

Quality though can be identified only by using the product.

We belive that you have now found the best possible skincare range for your precious ones. What else could you expect from Sophie la girafe!

I am delighted that Sophie is now part of you life! I wish that it will bring a lot of happiness and wellbeing to your family, like it does every day to ours!

Jonna Jalkanen

Mom of Jalo & Uljas
Co-Founder, CEO

P.S. We belive in giving back in several ways. When you smile, the world smiles with you.

Share your own child care tips, as well as advice concerning well-being and coping strategies as parent.
Every month we will give away products for you who share and care!
We also donate 1% of our sales to each market´s local charity to help babies and children all across the world!